Sugar Free – Oat Bran Biscuits

Who can resist to their crunchy texture and oat taste? Baked with love and evenly browned, these are the good biscuits to eat on-the-go in a great little bag!

  • sugar free
  • oat helps to reduce cholesterol
  • oat helps to promote heart health
  • high in dietary fibre
  • dietary fibre helps to improve intestinal health
  • no added preservatives
  • oat from Australia

“Nutrition Information”

Serving per package: 6
Serving size: 22g

Per Serving / Per 100g
▸ Energy 104kcal / 472kcal
▸ Protein 1.8g / 8.0g
▸ Total Fat
  Saturated Fat
  Trans Fat
4.7g / 21.4g
2.8g / 12.7g
0g / 0g
▸ Cholesterol 0mg / 0mg
Per Serving / Per 100g
▸ Total Carbohydrates
  Dietary Fibre
15.2g / 68.9g
1.6g / 7.1g
0g / 0g
▸ Sodium 75mg / 341mg
▸ Calcium 5mg / 23mg