People often say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But do you know why? If you don’t, don’t worry as we are here to explain! Have you ever wondered where the name – breakfast – comes from? Breakfast literally means breaking the fast!

It is important for us to have breakfast as it helps regulate our body between eating and fasting and provides the fuel for our body so it can burn calories throughout the day. For people who are trying to slim down, it is actually worse if you don’t have breakfast as you are more likely to eat more (possibly some high-sugar, high-calories snacks) later in the day!

Breakfast is also important in providing essential nutrients such as vitamins and carbohydrates so that you can fulfill the daily requirements of your body. It also acts as a boost of energy to keep you going throughout the day. Apart from physically, breakfast is also vital for our mental health as it increases our blood glucose level, which is an important element for our brains to function.

We are well aware that most people have a busy lifestyle and sometimes we don’t have the time to make any breakfast. But actually, we do not need a big breakfast. We just need something to kick-start the day. Our Nature’s Heart Nuts & Dried Fruit range would be a great option for us to enhance our breakfast. They contain dietary fibre and easy to snack on.

So there are no more excuses for you to skip your breakfast. Start grabbing a pack of our nuts and dried fruit and replenish yourself in the morning!